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Welcome to The Playbook!

My name is Tim Horeczko, and it is my mission to demystify the emergency caTimH_9698 photore of infants and children for my brothers and sisters in the trenches.  You have it within you to take excellent care of acutely ill and injured children.  I’m here to share tricks, tips, and lessons learned.

I am a practicing emergency physician caring for patients of all ages in both community and academic settings, board-certified in Emergency Medicine with sub-specialty board certification in Pediatric Emergency Medicine and NIH training in Clinical Research.  I love to teach, and am continually learning myself.  This program is my way of giving back to the emergency medicine and open-access medical education communities.

We are in this together.  Please contact me for feedback — I heartily welcome any questions, comments, suggestions, or stories to share.  My goal is to create a community where we can all grow and improve for those who need us the most.

Thank you very much for listening, and I look forward to hearing from you!


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Tim Horeczko, MD, MSCR, FACEP, FAAP

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Pediatric Emergency Podcast; Emergency Medicine; Pediatric Emergency Medicine; Medical Education Podcast